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Queen City Room

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Max Occupancy 120


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. AV Capabilities
  3. Chairs
  4. Internet
  5. Kitchenette
  6. Meeting Rooms
  7. Parking
  8. Podium
  9. Refridgerater
  10. Restrooms
  11. Screen
  12. Tables
  13. Vending Machines
  14. Water

The Queen City Room is a large open room with areas that have A/V systems for overhead presentations. The room includes 15 tables with 60 chairs and has a capacity of 120 people. This is able to hold a variety of functions (restrictions apply) where the River View Room and Collegiate Room use is strictly for meetings.

Please note: Residents of Union Township are able to make reservations within the current calendar month--one time a week, up to five times in a month for a current scheduling period--as well as 2 months in advance. Non-residents are only able to make reservations in the current calendar month. 

Room reservations may be made for up to 2 hours.

To make a room reservation, you must first acknowledge that you have read, understand, and will follow and enforce the Meeting Room Rules, which can be accessed below.

Meeting Room Rules (PDF) 

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