What determines eligibility and why?

Electric aggregation eligibility is set by Ohio Administration Code 4901:1-21-17(E)(1) and natural gas aggregation eligible is set by Ohio Administration Code 49:01:1-28-04(E) We've reordered them based on the questions that come up the most.

Who is eligible:

  • Those that are not with an alternate supplier already at the time the opt-out letters go out.
    • More details about this situation follow
  • Those that have not previously opted-out of the aggregation during the current term.
  • Those that are not on the Percentage of Income Payment Plan with the utility.
  • Those physically located in the geographic boundary of the community.
  • Electric Only - Those that do not appear on PUCO's "Do Not Aggregate" list.
  • Volume Eligibility
    • Electric: Those "small commercial" accounts that use less than 700,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually.
    • Natural Gas: "Those customers that use less than 5,000 100-cubic-feet (ccf) annually

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