What is an Opt-Out Aggregation Program?

In order for a community to create an aggregation program, a majority of the residents have to pass a ballot issue authorizing the community leaders to move forward with the aggregation process. After the ballot issue passes, the community leaders then develop a Plan of Operation. Public meetings (2) are held to gather public input and then community leaders approve the plan which is submitted to the PUCO for certification. After certification, officials then negotiate rates and choose a supplier.

Prior to enrollment, all eligible residents are mailed notices detailing the Program and offered the right to remain in the Program or to opt-out and not participate. Note: if you do not respond you will automatically be enrolled. Normally consumers are given a certain time frame to notify the supplier of their intent not to join. You may enroll or opt-out of the program at any time with no termination fee. This is a benefit provided by Energy Alliances, Inc. in conjunction with our suppliers and may not apply to aggregation programs managed by others.

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