Professional Standards Bureau

The Professional Standards Bureau is currently led by Lt. Josh Hines, who has been with the department since his law enforcement career began in 2008.  Lt. Josh Hines has a bachelor's degree from Northern Kentucky University and is a graduate of the University of Louisville's 148th Administrative Officers Course.  

The Professional Standards Bureau oversees the Department's Administrative Division, and Evidence Property Section, handling services such as accreditation, development, and review of policy and procedures and all inter-departmental communications and orders.  The bureau is also responsible for the formal complaint and internal affairs processes, possessing a goal to respond impartially and effectively to allegations of employee misconduct.  Anyone may file a formal complaint, both by telephone or in person, directly with the Union Township Police Department. 


  • Investigation of an alleged violation of agency policy, procedure, rules, regulations, or standards of conduct brought forth by a citizen or other agency member which is non-criminal in nature.   
  • A "Citizen Complaint Form" will be provided to the individual, with instructions and assistance to complete.  If an individual cannot complete the written complaint form(s), the accepting member will record an audio recording of the complaint.  
  • Upon submission of a formal complaint against an agency member, the Ohio Revised Code, section 2921.15, "Making false allegation of peace office misconduct," will be explained to the complainant.  
  • A "Citizen Complaint Receipt" will be completed and provided to the complainant to acknowledge receipt and processing.  A copy of the "Citizen Complaint Receipt" will be created and attached to the "Citizen Complaint Form" before submission through the chain of command.
  • The completed "Citizen Complaint Form" and the copy of the "Citizen Complaint Receipt" will then be placed in a sealed envelope marked "confidential" and will be forwarded to the Chief of Police through the chain of command.
  • The Chief of Police will review the complaint and determine the most appropriate course of investigation.
  • All complaints, including those made via telephone, will be documented and properly investigated.  

Dispositions of Complaints

  • At the conclusion, the complainant will receive a letter from the Chief of Police regarding the disposition of their complaint.
  • A finding will be made on all investigations with one of the following dispositions:
    • "Unfounded" if the allegation is false.
    • "Exonerated" if the allegation is true, but the action was lawful and proper.
    • "Sustained" if the allegation is supported by sufficient evidence and the action violates either criminal law or agency rules of conduct.
    • "Misconduct not based on the complaint" if the investigation reveals sufficient evidence to indicate other infractions not based on the original report. 

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