Roads Division

The Union Township Service Department's Roads Division is responsible for the maintenance of 131 center-lane miles of public roadways. These roads range from high-volume traffic roads to small cul-de-sac streets. Many of these roads have concrete curbs and gutters. The maintenance of these roads includes drainage improvements within the public right-of-way, pavement resurfacing, patching of potholes, line-striping, the treatment of roads due to snow and icy conditions, and the installation and replacement of guardrails, and street and traffic control signs. All these activities work to help ensure safe road conditions for the traveling public.

The daily activities of the Roads Division are driven, and tracked through a comprehensive work order system. These requests included full-depth asphalt base repairs, patching of potholes, ditching, curb repairs, the installation of both regulatory and non-regulatory signage, the installation of new catch basins, the maintenance of existing catch basins, and many other miscellaneous items.

Additional responsibilities of the Roads division include maintenance of the road right-of-way. This routine maintenance includes cleaning roadway ditches, repairing drainage systems, trimming trees, and mowing the grassy areas in the road right-of-way.