Union Township Zoning Resolution was adopted in 1959 as the Township continued to increase in population. Through the years, zone changes were implemented to accommodate the once-rural population into the eastern gateway it is known to be today. The Township is 29 square miles offering a variety of uses to meet the population's needs. Generally, zoning regulations are created in order to maintain certain minimum standards for the community, thereby preserving and enhancing property values. Townships are authorized to enact zoning in accordance with Section 519 of the Ohio Revised Code. Guidelines were also established to define the type and scale of uses to be permitted in each district. Special conditions, exceptions, uses, and other variations to adopted requirements are also established in the zoning code.

Focus Overlay District Regulations

The Overlay Districts, first adopted through the Union Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2020 Horizon, created nine Focus Area Corridors. The Union Township Board of Trustees reviews and approves Focus Area Overlay District applications. The Board continues this corridor-wide planning approach to facilitate development for numerous reasons, including the recognition and assessment of unique corridor characteristics, challenges and opportunities. Relief under Focus Area District regulations are options available to property owners that grant additional flexibility over conventional zoning regulations by relaxing restrictions in order to achieve redevelopment goals, including the promotion of economic development and the elimination of blighting influences. If a property lies within a Focus Area and has the appropriate zoning designation for the desired use but can't meet every requirement set down in that district, an application may be made to the Board of Trustees for special consideration of the details submitting the details of the desired project.