The Union Township Fire Department comprises several divisions, each with a specific role. The Fire Chief oversees the department's overall management, while the Assistant Fire Chief directs the divisions. These divisions include Administration, Operations, Community Risk Reduction, Training and Safety, and Support Services.

Administration Division

The Fire Chief is provided with administrative support by the Administration Division. The division oversees governance and administration, assessment and planning, goals and objectives, financial resources, human resources, and external resources like external agency relations and agreements. The division coordinates and prepares the department budget, acts as a liaison for recruitment, promotion, and performance appraisals, manages payroll functions, and presents staff reports to the department, Township staff, and Township officials. 

Bill Hinckley, MD, is the department's medical director and works closely with the Administration Division to ensure citizens receive the best Emergency Medical Services (EMS) care. Bill is board certified in emergency medicine and EMS, an associate professor of emergency medicine at UC, and the medical director for Air Care since 2006. He works primarily in the EMS setting as a UC Health Air Care and Mobile Care flight physician. He also works clinically at UC Medical Center and West Chester Hospital in the emergency departments. Bill graduated from Indiana University in 2000 and completed his residency and chief residency at UC in 2004. He is a past Air Medical Physician Association president and was inducted into the International Guild of Senior Helicopter Retrievalists as a founding member in 2014.

Operations Division

The Operations Division promptly responds to emergencies, including fire, rescue, and EMS calls. The division also handles major disaster responses and ensures that necessary emergency response apparatus and support units are properly staffed. The division's duties encompass a variety of services, including fire suppression, emergency medical services (EMS), technical rescue, and hazmat, among others.

Community Risk Reduction Division (CRR)

The main goal of the Community Risk Reduction Division is to investigate the origin and cause of fire incidents or accidents while also focusing on education, prevention, and mitigation. 

Training and Safety Division

The Training and Safety Division aims to improve emergency services for the public, minimize risks, and promote the health and safety of members. The division strives to enhance the department members' technical expertise and overall effectiveness while providing opportunities for continued professional development. The division oversees the establishment of training and education requirements, monitors performance, and maintains necessary resources. The division is also responsible for the department's health and wellness program, which includes occupational health, safety, risk management, and wellness/fitness initiatives.

Support Services Division

The Support Services Division oversees the maintenance of all physical resources, including fixed facilities, apparatus, vehicles, tools, supplies, small equipment, and safety equipment. In addition, the division manages crucial resources necessary for the smooth functioning of operational and administrative programs, such as water supply, communication systems, administrative support services, office systems, and information technology.