Energy Aggregation

Union Township, Clermont County Energy Aggregation Programs

On November 3, 2015, Union Township, Clermont County residents voted to approve opt-out electric and natural gas programs for eligible Township residents and small businesses. After adopting a Plan of Operation and Governance for each program, the Township entered into an agreement with Energy Alliances, Inc. to provide consulting services for obtaining the electric generation and natural gas supply for the programs.  In order to secure rates for township residents, Energy Alliances negotiations with potential suppliers and procures best rate possible for bulk purchasing.  Those savings are then passed on to consumers. 

Specific information for each program follows:

Electric Aggregation Program

The Township's prior electric aggregation program with Dynegy expired on the June 2022 Duke bill.  Energy Alliances negotiated with multiple suppliers and was able to lock in a rate of 6.51¢ per kWh with Energy Harbor starting with the June 2023 bill and continuing through the May 2025 bill (24 billing periods). The aggregation program has no termination fee with participants able to leave at any time without paying a fee.

  • Supplier: Energy Harbor
  • Rate:
    • $0.0651 per kilowatt hour (kWh) (Default Price)
    • $0.0694 per kWh (Opt-in 100% Green Energy)
  • Term: Through the May 2025 Meter Read

To enroll in the program or to cancel your participation in the program, please call the program supplier, Energy Harbor at 1-866-636-3749 or enter your 10-digit Opt Out Code online at: 

Natural Gas Aggregation Program

The Natural Gas Aggregation Program was renewed in fall of 2022 with AEP Energy as the supplier.  This program will last through October 2024. 

The natural gas Aggregation Program has a fixed rate of $0.839 per ccf.

For Both Programs

  • Your local utility, Duke Energy - Ohio, will continue to deliver your electricity and natural gas and maintain the distribution lines and respond to emergencies.
  • You can cancel your participation in the programs at any time without incurring a cancellation fee.

For answers to questions not found here, you can all Energy Alliances, Inc. at (513)794-5555 or visit their website.

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