Board of Zoning Appeals


  • 1st Thursday of the month (except as noted) when a lawful application has been properly filed

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  • Scott Cangro
  • Brian K. Ford
  • Thomas Hanrahan
  • Ben Joehnk
  • Randall Wulker
  • Gerald Beckman - Alternate
  • Robert McAdams - Alternate


Union Township Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is comprised of citizens who are appointed by the Board of Trustees, and are empowered by the Zoning Resolution to grant variance to zoning laws. Zoning regulations are applied uniformly across the Township, broken down into zoning districts. Each project must follow the specific regulations established for its district along with the basic underlying requirements for all properties as they are on the books today, or no permit can be issued. With each property having its own unique characteristic, the BZA is in place to grant variances for properties that show hardship within the parameters of their designated zoning district.

The Board of Zoning Appeals also reviews and approves Conditional Use applications. Certain uses, while not generally permitted, may be given special consideration by the BZA, provided the use is located in a designated district and provided certain conditions can be met. Conditional use applications follow the same procedure and schedule as variance requests.


Zoning law applies to all 29 square miles of the township. On occasion, conditions or circumstances may arise that prevent a property owner from enjoying the same uses as others within their zoning district. The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) hears requests to slightly bend the requirements on residential, and sometimes commercial, properties for projects that would otherwise be permissible (variances). They also hear requests for approval of uses that are of a slightly more intense nature than permitted under the law for that district (conditional use). Lastly, if someone feels that they were rendered a decision by the Planning and Zoning Director that is contrary to the Union Township Zoning Resolution, the BZA may hear that argument (appeal). These processes are governed by the Ohio Revised Code. BZA meetings are considered legal proceedings and those giving testimony are duly sworn.


By the Board of Trustees


Five years

Maximum Size

Five members plus two alternates